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Our commitments

People: By attending various training courses each year, we are always up to date with the latest developments.

The world does not stand still, so it is very important to keep up with it. The Belgian Pork Group, its employees and the T&W pig farmers realize that well-trained employees are crucial and invest in various training courses every year:

  • General safety in and around the workplace
  • Antibiotic reduction
  • Animal welfare during the entire process
  • Fire prevention
  • Trends and evolutions in the pig industry
  • Other various topics

We distribute this knowledge internally, externally, online or by mail to reach as many stakeholders as possible. With our online teaching module 'Moviemento' we inform in the basic module about food legislation, stock management, hygiene measures, traceability and control procedures.

"Only when we fully understand the teaching module and have successfully completed the accompanying test, may
we are allowed to start the next course. In this way, we gradually build up and are able to
on the shop floor."

Krystian - employee Belgian Pork Group