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Our commitments

Product: safety and control

A wise man once said, “Confidence is good, safety is better”. By investing in safety and control, we can offer our customers the guarantees that they expect. Animal welfare and the well-being of our employees is more than just a legal requirement. Every T&W pig farmer, whether a small or large business, who wants to work in a cost-effective, efficient and socially-responsible way, has a duty of care.

Given that shared knowledge is twice the knowledge, the prevention department of Belgian Pork Group makes its own knowledge and experience available online. This enables T&W pig farmers to implement this knowledge in their own company.

Specific measures that T&W pig farmers commit to taking:

  • Medication must be locked away and checked monthly.
  • All use of medication must be registered meticulously.
  • A contingency plan is drawn up for each company and a first aid kit is always within reach.
  • A strict needle policy is enforced to guarantee maximum safety for the product, people and animals.

“Each T&W pig farmer acknowledges the importance of monitoring and safety to produce a tasty end product. Thanks to an up-to-date safety and contingency plan, the pig farmer succeeds in dealing with any unexpected situations at any time.”

Belgian Pork Group